The owners of Apache Lake Marina and Resort, the Schuster’s, have been responsible for all of the improvements to the property you see today. They have added the Motel, Restaurant, Bar, Convenience Store, Docks, the RV spaces, the retaining walls and architectural improvements making it easier for you to be able to get in and out of the lake. They are constantly making improvements and are always being asked questions about what is next????

***In 2013 alone they added 10 full service RV spaces, expanded the wet slips, plus added electricity to many of them as well, replaced the water holding tanks, and remodeled several of the Motel A hotel rooms to better serve the Apache Lake Clientele.***

They have decided to put together a FAQs area to better serve you and to solve many of the misconceptions and questions many customers have about Apache Lake. It will also allow you to understand the services and make your experience the best it can be while you are in and around the property. If you do not see your question below be sure to send it to us so it can be added to the list.

For 40 years Apache Lake Marina and Resort has been working at improving the experience of the outdoors men, women, and children in Arizona. They have been family owned and operated since the inception. With this they have had many years of service with many experiences of what it takes to keep the place operating for your convenience and safety.

How many miles is it????

  • Apache Lake Resort to Sky Harbor International Airport is 60 miles. Route 88 to Idaho road to I-60 to I-10 to the Airport Exit.
  • Phoenix to Apache Junction is 50 miles. I-60 to Route 88
  • Apache Junction to Apache Lake is 32 miles. Route 88
  • Apache Lake Resort to Roosevelt Dam is 12 miles. Route 88 to Route 188
  • Roosevelt Dam to Globe is 40 miles. Route 188 to I-60
  • Globe to Apache Junction is 54 miles. I-60
  • Roosevelt Dam to Punkin Center is 22 miles. Route 188
  • Roosevelt Dam Route 188 to the 87 Junction is 45 miles.
  • Roosevelt Dam to Payson is 60 miles. Route 188
  • Roosevelt Dam to Tonto National Monument is 2 miles. Route 188

Where can we camp?

Apache Lake Marina and Resort is 88 acres of open camping. This allows for freedom of camping wherever you choose unless fire restrictions are in place by the forestry service. Then Camping is restricted.

Why are the roads so bad getting to Apache Lake?

Unfortunately, we have no control over the road situation. We work with and are regulated, as you are, by many municipalities including the Sheriff’s Office, Forestry Service, and ADOT. We are a remote location and the roads seem to be less of a priority due to budget issues and economic cutbacks for ADOT. For us, we drive these roads multiple times a week and have contacted ADOT with our concerns and suggest you do the same. The more concerns they have about the safety and personal property damage being caused by the poor condition of the roads the more they will hopefully keep up with the servicing of the roads to the Lake. For your convenience here are the numbers: 602-712-7355 or 602-712-7744 for Customer Relations ADOT

How big is Apache Lake Marina and Resort?

The property is 88 acres and includes 3 motel buildings, Docks, Gas Docks, Boat Launches, Public Bathrooms, RV Hookup, Restaurant, Bar, Convenience Store, Ice house, Dry storage, and Wet Storage facilities.

Do the Motels with Kitchenettes come with utensils?

No, you must supply your own dishes, cookware, and utensils. No supplies are included with these units other than what is normally included with a standard Motel room.

Does the Resort have WIFI?

Yes, the resort has wifi available to its customers of the Restaurant and Bar with the purchase of meals or drinks. It is password encrypted and changed periodically to ensure the integrity of the “Internet System”.

Is there Hiking?

Yes there is a developed hiking trail the Forestry Service prefers you to use. Reavis trailhead. Below is an excerpt from this link from AZ Central.



• The drive: From Phoenix, take U.S. 60 east about 25 miles. Turn north on Idaho Road (Exit 196) and go 2.2 miles to Arizona 88 (the Apache Trail). Turn right (northeast) and continue about 28 miles. (Note: the good pavement ends after 21 miles, about 5 miles past Tortilla Flat.) Between mile markers 227 and 228, not quite a full mile past the ADOT maintenance yard, turn right onto Forest Road 212. The narrow dirt road winds 2.8 miles to the trailhead. Although the road is in generally good condition, you’ll feel more comfortable with a high-clearance vehicle.

• The hike: Reavis Ranch Trail, an old jeep road, starts east out of the parking lot, then bends south as it winds past Castle Dome and over Windy Pass. After another short climb, it makes a long downhill run to the ranch.

• Length: 9 miles, one way.
• Elevation gain: About 1,440 feet.
• Details: (480) 610-3300.

What is included in the RV Hookup?

Electricity, water, and sewer are included in RV Hookup as well as Premium view of the lake. Spaces 1-12 have cable TV included in the hookup. The cable at the resort is a 13 channel system, but does include premium channels. Click on the image below to see it larger.


What kind of Internet do you have?

The Internet is a Satellite system through Hughesnet on their newest Gen4 network. We have a large package, but we do not allow video downloading or gaming on the system in order to make sure everyone gets to use it equally. You can however surf the net, check facebook, chat, and share photos freely. During the off season we may consider opening up a business line for business guests if they stay with us for long periods or for larger groups if they are booking out the resort. Special arrangements would have to be made in advanced with one of the Owners.

Do cell phones work around the Lake?

Sometimes…. We did add a booster or amplifier a few years ago after they installed a new cell tower near Canyon Lake. This has helped the signal, but it is still intermittent at best. Texting works a little better. You can receive voice messages, but not all services work. Some of those have better reception have been Verizon and Sprint. We do have chat services unlocked on the Wifi router at the Restaurant and some of the Wifi calling services do work.

Apache Lake is so remote, why don’t you go solar?

We dream of solar! But we have to be concerned about the structures on the Motels. We would love to put an incredible array of solar panels on each motel and have begun looking into it for the future. When the Motels were built, we are not sure if they were built to handle the extra weight. An engineer will have to determine if it will be possible for the project we have in mind.

As a business we have realized we are getting some complaints about some areas of the facilities and some of our policies here at Apache Lake Marina and Resort . We understand how frustrating it can be when you come out to have fun with friends and family when things are not as you expected or the services were less than desired. It is our hope to address some of these concerns the best we can in hopes to educate people for the reason why we do things the way we do, rather than leave customers with distaste for the Resort.

First we would like to take this time to apologize to you if you have had a poor experience at the facility.  

We are a family of educators and have spent a large portion of our lives in serving the community by teaching children. We know this has nothing to do with the complaints, but we feel it is important as it will help to understand where we are coming from when providing how we are presenting the information below. We believe in community and we have a very strong sense of loyalty, trust, compassion, service, and most of all family.

  • Motels

The Motels are a work in progress! We Love our Customers, most of them are so close they could be considered family… A lot of our customers that have been with us for generations know we renovate the motels often and know which rooms are the better rooms to get. They will call weeks in advance to make sure they get the room they want with the best parking for their boat. They will call ahead to get the rooms with the best view or the best bed. Sometimes they will call ahead just to make sure they have the rooms with the best arrangements all the way around.  They also know we have a limited supply of fold out pads for the floor they can use if they get a suite with a kitchenette and how many people will fit to have the perfect setup for their money. They really have it all worked out for the biggest bang for their buck!


But that does not help you at all, “the New Comer”. During busy season our rooms get filled up quickly and we have a first come first serve policy. We have the largest Motel available on the lakes here, but our rooms fill up during the season and if you desire a room with “what everyone is raving about at Apache Lake”, then you have to reserve early enough to ensure you get the room you deserve. If you are in doubt ask the front desk about the condition of the room you are getting. Tell them you want a room that is nicer than the rest. If you want that weekend and nothing is available other than one or two rooms, then you may have to settle for what we have.  You can ask if anyone cancelled in a better room upon check in…


**In 2011 we began a process to improve the sleep quality at the Motel. We started by replacing all the King size beds in all the rooms. Since then we have been looking at our next stage in sleep quality improvement. Soon we will begin in the process once again in 2014.** 

Why is my room not in the best of shape?

We strive to keep the rooms clean, if they are not clean come to the front desk and let us know immediately. We will have someone take care of it as quickly as possible. There are some things that cannot be dealt with and that would be stains left behind on carpets from coolers.

If by chance it is a holiday, then please allow extra time. Holidays are extremely busy for us and our staff’s schedule is often overlapped to allow for safety.

What are these stains on the carpet?

It never fails year after year coolers are the main reason for damaged carpets in the hotel rooms. We shampoo them ourselves when we have enough down time during the busy season and do have a service that comes up to do them once a year in the off season. Being in the water sport arena with fishing, Skiing, Wake boarding, fun in the sun, cook outs, and everything else that goes along with it, why would there not be an issue with coolers staining the carpet? We realize there is an issue and have been working at changing this. Some of the newer renovations have ceramic tile. Some advancement has been made in vinyl board flooring and that has been a consideration, but the wear and tear factor has been a concern us holding us back. Once we find a viable long term solution we will get resolved for the future.

Why are the light bulbs burned out?

On occasion we get what is known as a rolling brown out. It is where one leg of the 3-phase electricity loses power momentarily. It plays havoc with the lights and some of the AC fuses and breakers. It mainly does this during the summer season. If you notice the bulbs are out, let us know and we will get maintenance to replace them. It is not due to faulty wiring. We are 100% up to Code.

  • Grounds

Why are the RV spaces so tight?

Although we are a privately owned and operated facility we are regulated by the Forestry Service and have specific rules we have to abide by. Not only this, but we do believe in conservation of land resources. We have done our best to keep as much of the natural habitat in place around the grounds. With thousands of people coming every year it is a real task to keep it all up and functioning within the boundaries we have.  We are trying our best to make sure we accommodate our customers and those wanting to camp in style while maintaining a balance within Nature. We don’t always win of course, but we do try to work at a state in which there is a balance of everything to coexist.

Why is the grounds not manicured like the resorts in Phoenix?

We are leased lands “Under permit USDA Tonto National Forest Service” and therefore try to keep most of the property as close to the natural state as possible. We are regulated by the Forest Service on what we can do, just as you are, so we ask everyone coming up to follow the rules and have compassion for the animals and plants around us. The ecosystem is important to us. After a long, hard, hot and busy season we spend extra time trying to clean up and get the grounds back into shape to let everything recover from humanities fun. Most of the plants in the landscaping we have added are a part of Arizona’s natural habitat; very few were added over the years to take away from this aspect. The natural beauty of the desert may not be for everyone, but the wildflowers often look like scrub during most of the year.

Why is there trash sometimes lying around when I come up?

During the busy season we have thousands of people visiting on the weekends and during the week. Our staff consists of 20 to 30 people to service everyone. We have placed trash receptacles and dumpsters for your convenience in various locations around the grounds and have them emptied frequently. Most of the people coming up are coming up for minimal lake services and utilize a very small percentage of the facilities. But that does not mean they do not consume products they bring with them and leave them behind. We do what we can and during the week we have the staff clean up the best they can with the time constraints at hand. Every one of our staff pitches in including the Owners, family, and many of our valued customers as well. If they see liter they will take the time and stop to pick it up and throw it away. Apache Lake requires a special breed of people that work together to keep it beautiful. This is how we keep the prices within reach to all that come here. This is why we are a family here and our customers have been a part of this amazing journey for 40 years. We all work together to make it what it is and keeps the prices within reach so everyone can afford to be here. If you do happen to see trash in a bush or trash that may have blown out of another boat or vehicle as they left, please take a moment to help the environment and do as many others in the Apache Lake family and pick it up. Any extra assistance helps the environment we live in and helps us to all enjoy the area of beauty of Apache Lake.

Why are there no recycling containers?

We have tried recycling containers and it has failed as it got all mixed together, but that does not mean we do not recycle. We have several staff members that take it upon themselves to go through the trash before it is dumped!  Although not everything gets separated this has been the best solution so far. With so many people coming up every year there is a large amount of consumption and waste. Our employees have no problem digging through on their own time to make that extra effort. There is also the “Can Man” who comes around to collect the cans.